Local students take studies overseas

Posted: Wednesday, October 11, 2000

The following local students are participating in a foreign student exchange program or are scheduled to do so this school year through AFS Intercultural Programs Inc.:

Monika Bethers is spending this year in Ecuador. She lives in a quaint, historical town in southern Ecuador. She writes that the town in situated on a hill and most people walk everywhere.

Melissa Campbell is in Venezuela and writes she has a large extended host family in her town.

Yvonne Harris is spending a semester volunteering at an orphanage in Kumasi, Ghana.

Morgan Hopson spent the summer in France living on a dairy farm in a small village. At the end of the summer she spent two weeks at an AFN language camp.

Claire Imamura is spending the year in Japan and is learning Japanese archery.

Janelle LaTour is in a traditional Thailand house in the middle of a rice field.

Meghan Millard is in Argentina. She and her host sister are taking tango lessons. Her host family does not speak English, so she is picking up Spanish quickly.

Sandlin Preecs is in Portugal, where one of her challenges has been getting around Lisbon using public transportation.

Rion Hanson will leave in January to spend a year in Costa Rica.

Scott McDowell of Haines is in Germany, where his host father works at a sawmill.

Five students recently returned from study abroad: Katie Svobodny from the Netherlands, Andrew Lorence from Mexico, Erin Hanson from Finland, Adrienne Knoll from the Netherlands and Anna Cross from Portugal.

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