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Posted: Wednesday, October 11, 2000

... for supporting students

Dear Gastineau Guiding,

Thank you for providing a wonderful chance for 56 Floyd Dryden students to learn about edible Alaskan plants and the traditional medicinal uses of Alaskan plants. We appreciate you providing both transportation and knowledge guides. Without your generous donation of time and finances this experience would not have been possible.

Molly Manning

Sue Clifton

... for research support

Not many communities can boast having a glacier flowing into its own backyard! Mendenhall Glacier is one of the most easily accessible and visited glaciers in the world, with over 300,000 people visiting it annually. Remarkable, despite its accessibility and popularity, it was not until very recently that any detailed studies have been done on the glacier. Now, thanks to a cooperative effort between the University of Alaska and two agencies, one private and one public, we are gaining a better understanding of its basic parameters, sensitivity to climate, and the effect the glacier has had and continues to have on the Mendenhall Valley.

Our studies could not have been accomplished without help of a "challenge" grant from the USFS, Juneau Ranger District, and without the logistical support of North Star Helicopters. In particular, we would like to thank Margaret Beilharz, a hydrologist with USFS, and Karen Lechner and Dale Campbell at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center for their continued support of our program. We would also like to thank Bob Engelbrecht of North Star. Bob strongly supported our study from its inception and he has provided us with much-needed helicopter support at reduced cost or often at no cost at all.

Because of the support of these two agencies we have been able to introduce a number of students to the excitement of glaciers, climate and landscape evolution. We have also been able to update much of the information on the glacier used by the visitor center. We are still a work in progress, but preliminary reports on our findings are available to the general public for the asking.

Dr. Roman J. Motyka

... for breast cancer support

Dear Juneau Moose Lodge #700, Eagles Lodge 4200, officers, members and community merchants;

Thank you for the donations and benefit on Aug. 12 for my girls and myself. The auction and dinner monies paid most of my medical bills and has helped my family so much. Thank you doesn't feel like half enough for what you did.

Breast cancer is frightful enough, but no insurance adds to the stress. With all the support it has made the battle bearable.

Special thanks to: Sandy and Dale Johnston, Larry Paul, Shirley McCoy, Donna Sheridan, Al Elliot, Annie Humphrys, Tammy Hunt, Russel Hunt, Nena Hendrickson, and the dinner and auction participants and providers. The list is so long I know I am forgetting people, I'm sorry. But thank you very much!

Freda Meili and the girls

... for assisting AWARE

AWARE would like to thank Lisa Greenough and Merrill Lynch for sponsoring "Smart Women Finish Rich," a dinner and educational seminar. We would also like to thank Van Kampen Funds for co-sponsoring the event. It was an informative and motivational evening. Over 60 women learned ways to achieve financial security, fund their dreams and put their money were their values are. All proceeds were donated to AWARE to help support our work with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Businesses and individuals working together is a time-honored tradition and an enjoyable way to create positive change. AWARE is glad to work with others in promoting safer and healthier communities.

If you would like more information on how you can be involved, please give us a call at 586-6623.

Annette Coggins

... for cancer help

Thank you from the Bottom of My Heart. As Juneau residents for 24 years, we have seen this town rally around its own in times of need. Now after 24 years it is our turn to need help. One month ago our 2-month-old son was diagnosed with cancer. We were told to fly to Seattle for treatment. Immediately, a friend at Alaska Airlines came to our aid by offering employee passes for my wife, our son and myself. Our family stepped up to the plate by jumping in to take care of our three other boys while we flew south. Yet still other friends, even some that we didn't know we had, offered spiritual and emotional support. My son is still in Seattle with my wife and is doing well with chemotherapy. We were offered a place to stay and a car to drive for as long as it takes in Seattle. I am at home to be the best dad I can be and people are still helping by donating state leave, providing child care and bringing meals (I'm not the best cook) so we can be as normal as possible. I just wanted to thank the people that have helped and say that we feel the love that is Juneau. Your continued prayer and care is greatly appreciated by my entire family. Thank you and God bless you all.

Rob Corcoran

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