Letter: Road warriors still watching assembly

Posted: Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Juneau voters must not forget that the ballot proposition 6 regarding the road vs. fast ferry issue was simply a non-binding advisory vote for the assembly to use during its deliberations on the matter. The 82-vote difference out of a total of 11,598 votes really does not provide much advice for the assembly or anyone since the results are so close.

Those of us who are road advocates will closely monitor the assembly's actions on this matter. Results with such a narrow margin do not give a clear or concise message for our assembly members to act upon. Since the tabulated results are so close, it would behoove the assembly members to treat this matter very carefully. They cannot, in good conscience, ignore the wishes of one-half of the voters. We will be waiting, watching and responding frequently whenever the issues arises.

Murray Walsh and the Alaskans for better Access should be commended for taking on such a tremendous task against such intense political odds. I am very sorry that Murray promised to let the election results determine his further involvement as a road advocate, but there are many more of us who did not make any promises. The public will certainly be hearing from us from time to time on this important matter of road access for Juneau.

Rosalee T. Walker


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