Letter: Protect hunting rights

Posted: Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Another hunting season has passed and thousands of lucky Alaskan families will enjoy many a fine meal of lean, nutritious wild game. Thousands of other families did not catch a moose or caribou this year and will have to rely on friends or store-bought meat for the winter.

It has always been this way, but since animal rights groups began attacking us with anti-hunting and anti-management ballot initiatives things have gotten worse. Their focus has been on "protecting" wolves, but the biologists have told us that wolf numbers are high in most places. These campaigns may be moneymakers for the anti-hunting groups, but Alaskans and our wildlife have suffered.

That is why the Alaska Legislature voted overwhelmingly to put Ballot Measure 1 on this November's ballot. It is intended to protect Alaska's wildlife conservation process against animal rights extremists from outside.

Alaskans who depend the most on sustained yield harvests of game to feed their families can least afford to defend themselves against these attacks every election. Without Ballot Measure 1, these people who don't need game will eventually take hunting rights away from all Alaskans who do.

Please come out and vote yes on Ballot Measure 1 on Nov. 7. Thank you.

John Haddix


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