Letter: Ice rink cost facts were readily available

Posted: Wednesday, October 11, 2000

The article printed in the Empire on Wednesday, Oct. 4, did not provide all the information that has been published on the construction of an ice arena at Savikko Park. The voter information guide outlines the cost of the ice arena and the need for additional money to complete the project. It states "Preliminary cost estimates put total project cost at $3 million before any volunteer contributions are factored in. If approved, the $1.1 million of sales tax funds would supplement donated funds (currently $50,000) and $250,000 approved previously by voters. All the funds could then be used to match requests for further funding as needed to complete the project."

The sample explanatory ballot offered to each voter and printed in the Juneau Empire also addresses the ice rink funding. Under Proposition 2 it states "The sales tax shall also be used for a portion of the cost of construction of a covered ice rink and recreation facility in Savikko Park."

The Douglas 4th of July Committee and the City and Borough of Juneau will continue on the course that we have been on for months -- raise the additional funds and gather the volunteer support to build a bare bones ice arena at Savikko Park.

Kimberly Kiefer


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