Hiding the facts

Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2001

Assemblyman Dale Anderson's unwarranted attack on other Assembly members is a community embarrassment. Anderson's My Turn in the Oct. 8 Empire is a clear message to all borough residents that vicious, partisan mind-sets underlie what is supposed to be a non-partisan, unified Assembly doing their collective best for the community. It is obviously time to take the fuzzy wrapper off the attack-dog.

Anderson is an avowed apologist for the worst aspects of Republican dogma in this state; don't do anything except cut budgets and taxes. He has never endorsed valid, public improvements for the Mendenhall Valley, whether it's sidewalks, a library or swimming pool. Anderson is employed as one of a small group of right-wing finance staff at the Legislature who blindly advocate cutting oil company taxes, state budgets and rural education, while they enjoy squeezing Juneau, cutting S.E. ferry service and pushing the silly capital move.

Anderson's My Turn is without merit because he purposely hides the fact that 80 percent of the 47 acres purchased this past year by the Assembly were for public purposes at the Lemon Creek gravel pit and in Tee Harbor; not "speculative." It is the blatant obscuring of these facts in his column that demeans the entire public discussion. I can assure you, if the tables were slightly turned at the Legislature and Anderson pushed this tripe there in the manner of his My Turn, he would no longer be employed.

The parcel purchased by the Assembly at Egan Drive and Mendenhall Loop Road is an ideal site for a Valley library and swimming pool. There is no longer any reason why this area should be without improvements that benefit youth and all its citizens. The time has come to construct needed public facilities in the Valley that have been advocated for many years. Enough attacks without merit; do something.

Chip Thoma


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