A few questions

Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2001

I have a few questions that I am sure will be answered in a moderate way by some of the local moderates.

Why is it that when one group expresses its view of how Juneau should progress that it is "divisive" and that when another group states an opposing opinion it "contributes to the discussion?"

Why is it when one group states their opinion and facts as they see it, it is an "orchestrated campaign against political moderates," but when another group states their side it is "informative"?

If you are for doing some projects that are not paid for by government or involve vehicle access, are you automatically "pro-development"? Is pro-development bad? (I thought Juneau was developed by pioneers.)

If I belong to a neighborhood association, can I stop anyone from driving through or flying over my neighborhood and still go through someone else's neighborhood to access my shopping, air transportation and recreational pursuits? Can I cut trees on my lot to build or better my view and still complain about others cutting trees for safety reasons?

When a publisher states some obvious facts concerning an unrealistic pipe dream (light-rail), is it not informative? Why is he branded as "contributing to the split in the community" rather than applauded for "contributing to the discussion"?

Because one group loses a very close election on the road should they quit trying? Has the other group ever quit on anything they have ever lost? They just go to court and ask for another study. Remember a very large minority voted for the road and against the "moderate" candidate.

Why is it that it is OK to mention former Mayor Egan and Deputy Mayor MacKinnon in a sentence that implies the loss of control of the "pro-development" group but not OK to mention names of "moderates" and their obvious fight for total control? Is it called a dynasty if one family has control of the local political process?

If I call myself a "political moderate" does that make me one? How can one side claim to be moderate? Does anyone believe either side is "moderate"? If there is such concern that we all come together, why don't the "moderates" join the "pro-developers"? Or doesn't it work that way?

Tim Whiting


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