Strong commitment

Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2001

In this time of great tragedy for our country it has become apparent to all the commitment that is required by the men and women who work for fire departments across the country. Here in Juneau, Dr. Ludwig and I have had the honor to work as medical directors for Capital City Fire & Rescue. We have witnessed, first hand, a deep commitment by EMS and fire personnel to provide for this community in times of need. This includes working overtime hours, coming in from home for medivac flights with little notice, and volunteers who respond at any hour of the day or night while holding down full-time jobs elsewhere.

We have also recently seen a commitment from the city (Assembly, city manager, and mayor) to provide funding for needed personnel and training to CCFR. This funding will allow those who are employed here to increase their skills and bring paramedic level providers to our community.

The city has also provided for the continued presence of a heliport at the hospital allowing patients to be flown directly to the hospital in times of critical need. We applaud the city and their willingness to invest in our health and well being in this way.

Our hats are off to the men and women of CCFR and their unyielding commitment to help those in need. It is a pleasure to work by your side and the community of Juneau should be proud and comforted that you are here and can be counted on.

Ken Brown, M.D.

Aric Ludwig, M.D.


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