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Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2001

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Thanks to Marc Wheeler for his My Turn "buying land can be sound public policy." It provides valuable background on a complex topic and is a much more useful public service than the personal attacks by Assemblyman Anderson.

Steve Behnke

I would like to thank Jim Hale for his My Turn column of Oct. 9. I think it is one of the finest pieces ever to appear in My Turn.

Tim Whiting

It is ironic that the Empire chose the same day to publish an editorial on "the war of ideas," and an editorial cartoon that supports the "idea" that the U.S. war against the Afghani people has a humanitarian element. Contrary to the picture's "all you can eat" and "buffet" captions, the U.S., by pressuring Pakistan into closing its borders and refugee aid workers into leaving, is threatening 7.5 million people with starvation and then insultingly offering a few tens of thousands bare subsistence. Doctors Without Borders, a Nobel Peace Prize-winning organization, has denounced this gesture as transparent propaganda. Aide workers in Afghanistan say that the air drops may well increase deaths because of the likeliness of the recipients stepping on one of the 10 million mines left from Soviet occupation.

Rather than a war of ideas, it seems the Empire has enlisted in a propaganda war on the side of a government that is already committing war crimes.

Ron Reed

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