Past vs. future

Posted: Friday, October 11, 2002

In the Oct. 9 Empire, former Gov. Sheffield is quoted as saying he believes Sen. Murkowski's service as commissioner of economic development in the 1960s makes him more knowledgeable about Alaska's economics than his opponent.

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Is Sheffield serious? The scuttlebutt behind the scenes is that the Anchorage players are very concerned about Murkowski's knowledge because of his considerable absence from the day-to-day workings of this state now for some 22 years!

Contrast that with his opponent, Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer, whose husband is probably fed up with her having almost literally bathed herself daily with Alaska's economics at least since I worked with and for her in 1992.

As for Murkowski's experience from the 1960s qualifying him to be governor now, that's just what concerns many of us. It is no longer the '60s, it's the 21st century, and the old ideas of the '60s don't work in this day and age. The '60s may be where Murkowski and Sheffield want to take this state, but me, I'd rather continue moving forward toward the new challenges and opportunities the 21st century will provide, with Fran as our next leader.

Caleb Stewart


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