Constant war hype

Posted: Friday, October 11, 2002

As I hear the constant media hype detailing, over and over, the Republican administration's final preparations for starting a killing-war, I'm reminded of two ironic adages: "Everyone is out of step except Johnny," and, "Do as I say, not as I do."

The pro-war hawks are using the rationale that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, and they are irrational enough to use them on just about anyone anywhere.

This is such classical hypocrisy, especially as you stop to realize how this peace-loving country of ours is sitting on a mega-ton arsenal of nuclear warheads as well as those really mysterious and top secret reserves of biological and chemical weapons, strategically stored around the country - likely somewhere in the Southwest, where the poor citizens seem always to end up storing lovely military toys. Of course, they are only weapons specifically designed to, at the very most, deter others from using their weapons of mass destruction. Many are alive today who can recall our relatively recent history of actually using weapons of mass destruction when our leaders were persuaded it was necessary to do so.

So then, where is there a healthy saneness in all the rather astounding monologue our national leader is using now? Perhaps it exists in that preeminently-right, philosophy of a free and democratic society. One that wants to take a kind of personal comfort in the household use of the aggressive phase, "preemptive strike."

Alan Munro


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