Thanks for making the Festival of Seafood a success

Posted: Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thanks to a big crowd of happy seafood lovers, the annual K3/Taku Smokeries/Alaskan Brewing Co. Festival of Seafood was a tasty success. Thanks to local businesses and volunteers for making it not only a chance to eat well, but also dance the night away.

A big thanks to the John Kelly (our main chef.), Juneau Yacht Club, Taku Smokeries, the Alaskan Brewing Co., the Silverbow Bakery, Northern Keta, Buzz & Monica Ritter, McDonalds of Juneau, Tracy Bird, Ashley Johnston, Aubrey Reese, Rachael Juzeler, Bobby Wilken, Tracy Bird, Steve Sano, Erick Heimbigner, Dale Wygant, Clint Bazis, Keith Giles, Costa's Construction Company, The Cook County Blues Band, Lydia Kline (who hung in there most of the day peeling 60 lbs. of potatoes, making various sauces and generally helping out into the evening. We'll miss her next year when she's off to college.), Rozwick-Giles Music, the Juneau Empire, the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council, Hearthside Books, plus an amazing number of volunteers, including Rosie Alexander, Jane Efshen, Jim Mahan, Cheryl Levitt, John Beiler, Lance McVay, John Gaguine, Deb Rudis, Andy Grossman, Ben Brown (Salmon-Meister), Odette & Doug Edgar, Kristen Kranendonk, Ceann Murphy, Lise Paradis, Frank Katasse, Mike Sakarias, Anne Fuller, Caitlin Goettler, Kenny Goettler, Ricky D, Robert Bowles, Robert Sewell, Olga Lijo, Matt Miller, Bill Legere, Clayton Hawkes, Patricia Harris, Shelley Owens, Jessie Herman, Maaike Van Der Linden, Luke Metcalfe, John Kremers, Dolly Kremers and Margaret Lavender.

Happy Fall.

Jeff Brown and Andy Kline

Program directors, KTOO/KRNN/KXLL

K3 Public Radio


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