Pork, greed supplant long-term U.S. needs

Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2000

The following editorial appeared Monday in the Claremore (Okla.) Progress:

During their first debate, both Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush referred over and over to the $21 trillion surplus the country is going to have someday. Who do these two birds think they are kidding?

The U. S. government is not going to have anywhere near a $21 trillion surplus so long as we have representatives and senators who spend our money with little or no thought for tomorrow.

Any halfway bright manager of a household budget knows that you can't create savings while continuing to spend money you have not yet received.

While our present president and the Republican-controlled Congress claim they want to bridle federal spending and that their No. 1 priority is paying down the national debt, they continue to slop out the pork.

Senators and House members of both political parties have been adding special economic development projects, scientific research initiatives, water projects and other expenses, to their home districts totaling billions of dollars, while steadfastly claiming to stand tall for fiscal conservatism...

And why do they blow our money like this? Party greed. They want to return to their districts and unabashedly take credit for bringing the pork back home. Folks, they aren't heroes. They are shortsighted, self-serving, greedy charlatans who are abrogating their responsibilities toward the long-term needs of our nation.

If either Gore or Bush really believe there will someday be a $21 trillion surplus in the federal treasury, then we doubt if either one is intelligent enough to be president.

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