Fender-benders ahead

Posted: Friday, October 12, 2001

Many Douglas Island residents who commute to work each day may be unaware of plans by the Breeze In store, located just off the bridge heading to Douglas, to expand their store. The Breeze In would be allowed to do this through a change to the area-wide land use rules for convenience stores. We are not against progress, but the timing is just not right for this expansion. The traffic congestion in this area early in the morning and after work is terrible. The store would like to expand and add gas pumps. At some time in the future, when a second crossing to the mainland is added, this might not be a problem, but for now this is just a ludicrous idea. The traffic pattern here relies totally on the good nature of Douglas residents to allow North Douglas residents access to the main road. To add traffic trying to enter or leave the Breeze In parking lot to the traffic pattern is surely going to cause more fender-benders. Please take the time to let the Planning Commission know that now is not the time to allow the Breeze In to expand. There is a meeting on Tuesday night, but you can also call the city and let your feelings be known, as well as individual Planning Commission members.

Robert and Marcella Stutte

North Douglas

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