Same old, same old

Posted: Friday, October 12, 2001

Here we go again with the same old players and the same old rhetoric. Whining all the way to the editorial page with complaints of being victimized. The same old attitudes that have always come about when someone has an opposing view.

Joe Geldhof, Kim Metcalfe (the Moderate) and Chip Thoma all championing for the underdog and maligned Marc Wheeler, and attacking the fringe radical, Dale Anderson. Joe you had better tune your puppet strings, it's going to be a long year.

Kim sounds like your hurting from the disappointing loss in the local election. You're so scared that the evil business community has organized a divisive way to take over the world and ruin it. What a joke! Take a look at the leaders in the community and you will find several that are business owners and private sector workers, you should be proud of them for the way they give support to local charities and other worthwhile projects. Hard-working Alaskans settled and built this town. All you have done is attack the very people who have paved the way for your government job.

Chip Thoma, you may be the crowning glory to the cause. Has any opinion you've ever shared been non-partisan? I think not. And for you to call someone else an attack dog redefines irony. Barking is what you do, isn't it? But not to worry Chip, I really enjoy reading your dribble, it makes me laugh.

To you three and all of your followers, times have changed and the tide has turned. The common sense people of this town have woken up and you can't stand it. Well too bad, move over and put more seats in the Assembly chamber because we are coming. Scary, isn't it?

One last idea. Maybe if you three go to Anchorage and Wasilla and tell them that you are moving up with the Capital they will drop the whole idea. And then you could say you saved Juneau!

I'll be waiting anxiously for more of your rhetoric.

Tom Nelson


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