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Posted: Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I know that I am not the only supporter of President Bush in this town. Judging by the number of letters that get printed supporting the Bush-Cheney ticket, though, I must be one of only a handful, or at least that's what the Empire would like you to believe. Just since Oct. 5 there have been at least seven anti-Bush letters printed and only one that was supporting Bush. That is the normal trend of this paper.

On Oct. 5 I re-submitted a letter that I had written originally on 9/17 in response to a barrage of Bush bashing about the war in Iraq, hoping against hope that the Juneau Empire would finally print it. I should have known better, though, because in that letter I pointed out why Bush was right in going after Saddam. I pointed out why, after years of useless negotiations from the UN Security Council, we not only had the right but the responsibility to take Saddam out of power to protect ourselves and other nations as well. But would the Empire print this story? No, of course not. It had too many factual points in it that might have actually gotten through to someone who hasn't been totally brainwashed by the liberal left. They would rather continue to print letters such as those written by devout Democrats like Lisle Hebert spouting off their anti-Bush rhetoric, not to mention those from people who are still clinging to the idiotic belief that Bush stole the presidency four years ago.

This isn't about whether or not they chose to print my letter as much as it is about their lack of responsibility in presenting both sides of an argument equally. I thought the job of a newspaper was to report the "news" from both sides, objectively and without prejudice. Either I am wrong in that belief or the Empire just doesn't give a rat's behind about being fair and balanced. They certainly continue to prove to their readers which side of the political fence they stand on. About the only thing they could do to lean completely to the left now would be to hire Michael Moore to spew his lies on a daily basis to the people of Juneau.

It's too bad there isn't another newspaper in this town that would see fit to equally print both sides of the story.

J. Marc Mulkey


Editor's note: The Empire gives equal attention to letters from all political viewpoints. Letters must meet the length and other requirements routinely printed on this page, and those that are printed reflect the range of submissions.

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