Board certifies city election results

Posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A four-member canvass review board certified the results of the Oct. 4 municipal elections Tuesday evening. The official results were slightly different than previous numbers, but certification did not change the outcome of any of the races in the election.

Bob Doll officially won the at-large Assembly seat with 3,524 votes. David Summers had 2,524 votes and Mara Early had 2,517.

Incumbent Merrill Sanford was certified as winning re-election in District 1 over Joan Cahill, 4,573 votes to 3,632.

Jonathon Anderson was certified with 4,198 votes to win the District 2 seat over Andrew Green, who had 3,386 votes.

Sean O'Brien received the most votes for the School Board with 4,445 to earn one of two open seats on the board. Margo Waring won the other board seat with 3,781 votes, while Mike Ford, who had 3,385, was not elected.

A total of 4,261 voted for expanding Juneau International Airport with the optional 1 percent sales tax revenue, while 4,531 people voted against it.

The proposition to build the Dimond Park aquatic center was voted down 4,789 to 4,052.

A package of sewer, parking and other improvements won approval - 5,432 to 3,461 - to use the temporary 1 percent sales tax.

Proposition No. 2, a charter amendment regarding competitive bidding procedures, passed 4,382 votes to 3,955.

Proposition No. 3, regarding special elections, passed 4,909 votes to 3,358.

Voters approved the issuance of nearly $6 million in bond debt to renovate Glacier Valley Elementary School with a vote of 6,436 to 2,375.

Voters cast 9,048 ballots, compared to 23,980 registered voters. The Lynn Canal precinct had the highest voter turnout with 42.2 percent of all registered voters participating, while Switzer Creek had the lowest precinct turnout with 17.1 percent. There were 1,372 absentee ballots cast and 571 questioned ballots.

Voters wanting a recount must make that request within two days of the certification, according to the city.

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