Thank you

Posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2005

... to Juneau police

I would like to thank the Juneau Police for their increased presence near the schools on Glacier Avenue in the mornings and when school ends. Your visibility has greatly reduced the number of drivers speeding not only on Glacier Avenue, but on Behrends Avenue and, I presume, on other streets of the neighborhood. This is a big relief for those of us who live near the high school and worry about the safety of our kids.

I'm not talking about teenage drivers alone. An older friend of mine recently got ticketed for speeding one morning in the Glacier Avenue school zone and was outraged at the amount of the fine. I had to tell him, frankly, that I thought that this was a good thing. My thanks again to the Juneau Police Department.

Jim Hale


... Mrs. G, for teaching our kids

You are not just an amazing woman, but an incredible teacher as well.

If just anyone could teach we wouldn't need public schools; kids would be taught at home. But we rely on public schools to the point where we blame them if our kids turn out less than we expected.

How many times have you read about the kid who graduated high school with a football scholarship, but couldn't read better than third grade material, and the parents have the gall to sue the school? That's not the teacher's fault; it's our fault. And don't get me started on how teacher's pay is so far below their value and importance.

It takes a person of great character to take on hundreds of kids every day, and come back to do it again. Mrs. G, keep your chin up. Keep teaching.

Darcy Stetson


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