EPA to blame for Kensington woes
I just learned that dozens of people have been laid off at the Kensington Mine because the paste tailings disposal plan has been put on hold.

Re-elect Doll for education
Education is necessary for a strong economy, national and locally.

Report: Palin abused power
Gov. Sarah Palin abused her power by waging a campaign against a state trooper she has a personal grudge against, an investigator hired by the Alaska Legislature has found.

Palin protest at state Capitol
Juneau residents staged a protest in front of the state Capitol on Saturday, urging the rest of the country to say "thanks but no thanks" to Gov. Sarah Palin's campaign to be vice president.

Photo: Mental Illness Awareness Week
Anna Kim, special assistant in Gov. Sarah Palin's office, reads an executive proclamation Friday in the state Capitol declaring Oct. 5-11 as Mental Illness Awareness Week in Alaska, to promote the health and recovery of all Alaskans experiencing mental illness. Members of different organizations stand in the background holdings signs of support.

Photo: Something old
Davon West looks at an interesting find as her mother tries to figure out what it is as they rummage through some of the antiques on one of the tables at the Antiques and Collectables Fair at the Nugget Mall on Saturday. The fair will continue until today at noon.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Around Town

Remembering Matthew Shepard
It was October 1998, and I was new to Juneau. I had grown up in Wyoming, and for a week my attention was squarely on my old Wyoming community. It was as though the world was turned upside down. Word broke that a student from my former school, the University of Wyoming in Laramie, had been brutally murdered. He had been beaten, tied to a split rail fence, pistol-whipped, and left to die in near freezing temperatures.

Sarah Six pack goes stale
Maybe you remember "Dave." It was a 1993 movie starring Kevin Kline as Dave Kovic, an everyday guy who happens to be a dead ringer for the president. When the chief executive is stricken, his aides secretly recruit Dave to fill in for him. Problem is, Dave quickly begins to lose himself in the role. There's a wonderful scene where, trying to find money in the federal budget to fund a homeless shelter, Dave turns to his friend Murray, an accountant, for help.

Outside editorial: The financial decelerator
A student of the Great Depression, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has a strong sense of what caused that calamitous crash, and of what central banks and other government institutions did, or failed to do, to keep it from getting worse. Central to Bernanke's analysis is the concept of a "financial accelerator." Roughly, this is the idea that a breakdown in the financial system, uncorrected by government, exacerbated what might have otherwise been a relatively mild drop in "real" production.

Toe Toon
Cartoon by local artist Toe.

Photo: Heavy lifting
Lyle Hadel, of Juneau, tries to drag a moose from the water during a hunting trip in Yakutat recently. His hunting partner, Soapy Lingle, who also is from Juneau, shot the moose with a clean hit to the neck. Lingle said he removed about 600 pounds of meat from the moose, which he estimated weighed about 1,000 pounds. Lingle said he hunts for the meat and not for sport.

Soaring overhead: Southeast Alaska's sandhill cranes
With the advent of autumn, V-shaped squadrons of migrating birds cut through the sky as they head south. Among the most impressive of these fall migrants are sandhill cranes, their distinct rattling call and six-foot-wingspans setting them apart from ducks and geese.

Halibut recipe declared a winner for Soldotna man
KENAI - For many Alaskans, eating fish is as much a daily staple as breathing air or seeing the sun rise. After awhile though, even life-long sourdoughs yearn for a new way to prepare this familiar dish, but a Soldotna man may have a Caribbean cure for those in a fish funk.

Housing summit planned in Juneau
The United Way of Southeast Alaska is co-host of the daylong event.

Most flood victims return to Nenana
Nenana Mayor Jason Mayrand said most residents have gone home after repairing water damage from the worst flood in the area in four decades.

GOP questions eligibility of state House candidate
The party filed a complaint stating that Chris Tuck uses two names and that the one on the ballot for the south Anchorage seat is not his legal name.

Man dies after Parks Highway crash
Climie Douglas died en route to a hospital after the crash Thursday evening at mile 133 of the highway, Alaska State Troopers said.

Police officer to run for Anchorage mayor
Lt. Paul Honeman, the department's spokesman for the past three years, announced his campaign intentions Friday, the day he retired after 22 years with the force.

Anchorage police seek stabbing thief
Anchorage police are looking for the knife-wielding thief, who rushed into Carol Lang's garage as she was leaving for work.

Coast Guard rescues man in sinking boat
The man's boat ran aground Wednesday on rocks in Passage Canal in Prince William Sound and began sinking.

Fun 'n' gun Bears headed to state title game
Shotgun formations? Ignoring the running game? Somebody call the cops.

Crimson Bears fall in JIVE semis
The Juneau-Douglas High School volleyball team fell to Mount Edgecumbe in the semifinals of the Juneau Invitational Volleyball Extravaganza Saturday afternoon. The 4A Crimson Bears kicked off the tournament on a hot streak, racking up a 4-0 record during Friday's pool play, but fell to a relentless effort from the 3A Braves in bracket action.

Juneau-Douglas tennis takes third
They might not be handing out Werther's Originals or pinching your cheeks anytime soon, but Merijke Coenraad and Steffan Wilcox proved over the weekend that they are indeed a pair of savvy seniors.

Sports in Juneau

Todd Palin mum on troopergate report at NH event
While attending a snowmobiling event, Todd Palin did not answer a question about the report, which said Sarah Palin abused her power by trying to have her former brother-in-law fired as a state trooper.

Bristol Bay village project grows with competition
The Bristol Bay village of Igiugig, home to 50 residents, is ahead of the pack when it comes to putting sustainable living into practice.

Miners find encouraging prospects near Livengood
Jeff Pontius, president and chief executive officer of International Tower Hill Mines, said the company is in a good position to eventually develop a mine in the area.

New Permafrost brand features potato vodka blend
Alaska entrepreneur Toby Foster hopes Fields wasn't far from the mark with his theory and that vodka connoisseurs from all over will appreciate a new potato vodka blend he has created called "Permafrost - Alaskan Vodka."

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