McAdams has Alaskans on his heart, mind and soul

Posted: Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The more I read, see, and hear Scott McAdams, the more I am impressed with him. I believe he does have the people of Alaska on his heart, mind and soul.

He was a teacher and has seen the problems in our schools. He is the mayor of Sitka, and has had to balance budgets. He was a fisherman and knows the issues of the fishing people in Southeast Alaska. He understands the importance of the Alaska Marine Highway. He wants to develop our resources, but in a good way. He is getting support from Alaskans and not big business groups. We need young, honest men in Washington, D.C. who have integrity.

Look at how well Sen. Mark Begich has done. He was the mayor of Anchorage. He went to Washington and did not play the "good old boy" system of politics. He went with his honest, sincere desire to help our country and to help Alaskans. He did not have to make trades and deals with the other senators. He was new. He was fresh. He was real.

Washington needs help from men like these men. Not the help the old guard promotes. My money and my vote are for Scott McAdams.

Patti Fay Hickox


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