In the Stacks: New children's DVDs at Juneau libraries

Posted: Sunday, October 13, 2002

As promised, this week is devoted to children's DVDs! Remember, even though all DVDs sit on the shelf together, you can quickly pick out the ones meant for children by looking for DVDs with pink spine labels.

• "Teletubbies Silly Songs and Funny Dances" features ballet dancing and harp playing as the Teletubbies play around with movement and music. Follow up the viewing with a segment designed to get kids up and dancing. Includes a Teletubbies music video and, for parents, an interview with the creators of Teletubbies.

• "The Best of Elmo" is for kids and parents who can't get enough of Elmo! It features Sesame Street's Elmo and his friends (including special guest, Whoopi Goldberg) singing original tunes such as "Elmo's Song," "One Fine Face," and "Heavy and Light."

• "Josh and the Big Wall" retells the Bible story of the walls of Jericho, with a nod to Monty Python. When the Israelites, on their way to the Promised Land, encounter Jericho, they are threatened and turned back by the peas that man (or vegetable) Jericho's walls. Josh's directions from God sound odd - will they work? Special features include Veggie Karaoke, audio commentary, and behind the scenes info.

• "The Secret Garden" blossoms when Mary Lennox, a spoiled young girl who's been sent from India to live with a family friend in England after her parent's death, begins to look outside herself. She finds an abandoned walled garden and befriends the neglected invalid heir to the manor, and with the help of Dickon, a local village boy, brings friendship to Colin and order to the garden so that in time, she and they thrive.

• "The Princess Diaries" is a dream come true! When Mia, an ordinary high school student, finds out that she is really a princess, her whole world turns upside down. Suddenly, her life is filled with "princess lessons," interviews with the media, and jealous friends. Will she decide to take her place as princess or go back to having a normal life? Special DVD features include two music videos, director's audio commentary, and 8 deleted scenes.

• "Justice League" comes together when Martian Manhunter warns Earth's Superheroes about an alien invasion. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl band together to save the Earth against terrible odds. Special DVD features include character bios and trailers for upcoming films.

• "Monsters, Inc." tells the story of Sully and Mike, two monsters who work for a company that collects children's screams as fuel. When Sully accidentally lets a little girl, who he names Boo, into the monster world, he discovers two things: that children aren't as toxic as the monster world believes, and that laughter is ten times as powerful as screams. Special DVD features include games, a chance to be a Monsters, Inc. employee, and outtakes from the making of the film.

• "The Chronicles of Narnia" is the BBC live-action made-for-TV-series from the late '80s, beautifully filmed and faithful to the books by C.S. Lewis. Fauns, dwarves, and a talking lion help children through various adventures battling evil in the land of Narnia. The BBC made (and we own) "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," "Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader," and "The Silver Chair." Special DVD features include interactive games, a gallery of stills, and a recipe for Turkish Delight!

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Next week is non-fiction!

If you would like to place a hold on any of these titles, call the Juneau Public Library at 586-5249. If you have Internet access, your library card and a PIN, you may place your own holds by going to our Web site ( and looking at our catalog. The "In the Stacks" column is now archived! Go to the Juneau Public Libraries' Web site and look for "In the Stacks."

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