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Posted: Sunday, October 13, 2002

This year's local Senate race isn't about voting Democrat or Republican, it's about voting for the most effective representation for our capital city. Cathy Muñoz has really impressed me while serving two terms on the Assembly. As the finance chair on the CBJ, she oversaw the largest property tax reduction in 20 years. She also proposed the funding formula that allowed cruise ship passenger fees to be applied toward city services. She has shown initiative and drive in leading the effort to make transportation safety improvements from the McNugget intersection to Egan Drive, which we all enjoy today. She has been instrumental to the community in co-chairing the Trails Working Group. Most importantly she has helped the average citizen with many everyday problems that we all face being approachable, hard working, and comfortable to deal with.

I happen to know Cathy very well, having grown up next door to her on Goldbelt Avenue in downtown Juneau. She comes from a longtime Juneau family that has worked in public service, on Juneau's behalf, since the 1940s. Cathy was always outgoing and friendly and treated everybody with respect. She has enormous integrity and is hard working. I believe she would be very fair and responsive to her constituents. I also firmly believe that she would be able to bridge some of the divisiveness between Juneau and the rest of the state, that presently exists, by being able to work with a diverse group of legislators.

Cathy understands our educational system and was instrumental in getting the Charter School started. She will make education funding one of her top priorities if elected to the Senate. She would be part of the Senate majority that could accomplish this and many other priorities for Juneau. A big part of her agenda is maintaining Juneau as the state capital and ensuring that state jobs stay here. She will work with state labor groups to ensure that contracts are kept.

I've been disappointed with Kim Elton after following his record for eight years in the Legislature. In eight years, Kim has authored only two pieces of minor legislation, which actually passed into law. Neither one of these bills had anything specific even to do with Juneau. He hasn't been able to serve on some important committees, including not being confirmed on the powerful Finance Committee.

Juneau is lucky in that we have a strong candidate, who can get results, in this November's election. She won in last month's primary and needs your continued support to prevail in the general election. I urge everybody to get out and vote and support Cathy Muñoz for state Senate.

Joseph Doogan


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