Story assures reader right thing was done long ago

Posted: Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I read with great interest the story in Friday's Empire titled "Button bucks go wrong" about four deer rescued from the frigid waters of Stephens Passage. Stories like these are one reason we need and should cherish a local newspaper. I particularly appreciated this account because it has set my mind at ease about an incident that happened some 20 years ago. I was salmon fishing with a friend in late August on the west side of Admiralty Island, just south of the Point Retreat lighthouse. It was a cold, raw, nasty, fall day - low clouds, rain, biting southeast wind, and a crummy, cresting swell. As we trolled along the shoreline, four deer emerged from the woods, walked down to the water's edge, and started swimming directly across Lynn Canal. Nothing of the distant coast was visible, and conditions just didn't seem propitious for a migration of this sort. We pulled our lines and intercepted the deer, driving them back to shore. They ambled up the beach and disappeared into the woods. I have always wondered if we did the right thing. After all, deer have been around a long time, and presumably they know what they are doing. After reading the Empire's story, I am reassured we saved four deer from a watery death in Lynn Canal.

Gordon Harrison


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