Board opts for Nelchina harvest

Posted: Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ANCHORAGE - The Alaska Board of Game has decided to proceed with a community harvest of the Nelchina herd, the state's most sought after caribou.

The decision goes against advice from the attorney general to hold off on the harvest because of a pending legal battle.

After days of debate, the board approved the harvest by a 4-3 vote, designating 300 caribou for the hunt.

Earlier, a judge tossed out most of this year's hunt, saying it illegally gave preference to rural hunters.

Under one of three options in the new program, permits can be obtained by members of groups or communities that register for the hunt.

Another option is for Alaska residents to sign up for a tier-one permit allowing one caribou per household.

Under the first two options, permit holders may shoot one caribou per household. They cannot hunt caribou or moose in any other region.

Hunters also can register for the statewide drawing. As many as 3,000 permits will be issued in that option, which allows only the shooting of a bull caribou.

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