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Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, October 14, 2002

I never write letters to the editor but I am making an exception because Juneau needs to make a change. We have the opportunity this year to elect a state senator that will effectively represent our community. In my opinion, Juneau has not been adequately represented in the state Senate these last four years, not because Sen. Elton was in the minority but because he has been unable to develop bipartisan support for issues important to our community. I believe that Cathy Muñoz is capable of building the kind of support in the Senate that will benefit Juneau and our state.

As political ads fill the airways, it is important to weigh performance against the rhetoric. It is my opinion that Juneau was well served by Rep. Hudson's hard work on the House Finance Committee. On the other hand, Sen. Elton was unable to develop the bipartisan support to retain a seat on the Senate Finance Committee despite the fact that the minority had selected him to fill that position.

One of the major issues important to me is sensitivity. Cathy is sensitive to the needs of our community and other communities in our region. Cathy will change the perception that the only time Juneau residents are concerned about the regional economy is when a capital move is being considered. Cathy will build bridges with both the majority and minority not only within the region but statewide as well. Cathy will be sensitive to issues of statewide importance but will seriously reflect on the importance of these issues to her own constituents. Cathy will not arbitrarily reject the views of her constituents just because they are not always in line with her personal opinions. She will be sensitive to new ideas and new approaches and will look for real solutions rather than ones that are temporarily popular. Cathy will be sensitive to all our rights guaranteed in the Constitution and will not trade away those rights for personal political gain.

This is the kind of senator Juneau needs and I believe that Cathy Muñoz has demonstrated these qualities in her public life. That's why I am voting for Cathy and urging Juneau voters to do the same. We need a change.

Jan Somerville


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