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Posted: Monday, October 14, 2002

As a commercial fisherman for over 20 years, I would urge my fellow fishermen to support and vote for Kim Elton in this November's election. Kim has been in the Legislature for eight years and during this time has been an outspoken and strong advocate for a strong fishing industry. In a legislature, which has been unfortunately dominated by a majority of anti-commercial voices, Kim has been an effective voice for our industry. At no time, has the need been greater for commercial fishermen to have an advocate in the state Legislature.

I first met Kim many years ago when we were fellow trollers. People may not realize that Kim just doesn't just talk about fishing; he has lived it and he knows what is important to us and what must be done to keep our communities and families fishing. Plus, he rounded out this practical experience with the business and marketing side of the industry when he became the executive director of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI). The United Fishermen of Alaska have endorsed Kim because of his experience, his effectiveness and his commitment. Further, Kim's background paved the way for the majority legislators to appoint him to the Salmon Task Force. He brings personal experience to his job and there is no substitute for this.

Most importantly, Kim has always kept an open mind and an open door. He has always consulted with fishermen and fishing groups on issues that affect the industry and if he is unfamiliar with an issue, he always asks for information before making any decisions.

Please join me in supporting Kim and keeping him in the Legislature where he will continue to be a strong advocate for Alaska's fishermen.

Richard Hofmann


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