Backroom deal

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, October 14, 2002


me get this straight, Fran Ulmer's campaign chair, ex-Gov. Jay Hammond, has cut a backroom deal with Uwe Kalenka and his capital move group, Alaskans for Efficient Government, to give them $50,000 (Empire, Oct. 9)! In return, we get Uwe's non-binding word that they won't campaign for this capital move. Isn't this the group that sued Ulmer because her move the legislative wording was too negative? Before this deal, Kalenka had no money to campaign with. None! Not a dime according to APOC! At least he has not reported anything to APOC. So, he has promised to not spend what he never had in return for $50,000 and the legitimacy of working with Ulmer's campaign. Ulmer, Jay Hammond and Kalenka working together? Not exactly the leadership I'm looking for. Don't be fooled, Juneau. Contributing to Uwe Kalenka and Hammond puts money in the pocket of the capital movers.

Dinah Abood


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