Stevens' remarks unfair

Posted: Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I can only imagine what my great grandparents felt in the early 1900s when newcomers flooded to their homes, the lands they had been sovereign on since the beginning of my Athabascan Ancestors' time. Newcomers acted like indigenous peoples didn't have any laws of their own.

Sen. Ted Stevens said tribes are a threat to the rest of the state because they are exerting their sovereignty.

"The road they're on now is the road to destruction of statehood because the Native population is increasing at a much, much greater rate than the non-Native population. I don't know if you know that," he said on Oct. 2. "And they want total jurisdiction over what happens in a village without regard to state law and without regard to federal law."

Maybe Stevens is getting an inkling of what my ancestors experienced.

Why is Stevens so paranoid? I don't think the tribes would trample all over the state and feds, even though just the opposite has been happening to the tribes. We work to be above board, not hide our actions by using sneaky riders, etc.

Stevens has already tried to legislate us out of existence and that hasn't worked. What will he push for next? Sterilization of indigenous peoples?

Patricia Wade, editor

The Chickaloon News

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