Muñoz's priorities deserve support
Cathy Muñoz has two children, one in high school and one that will begin elementary school in three years.

Keep Chilkat Cones in Merchants Wharf
I am writing this letter because I want to keep Chilkat Cones in Merchants Wharf. There aren't many places to get ice cream in Juneau. Please let them rent there again.

Photo: Tie dye
Ben Brown, left, and Nick DeHart pick up tie-dyed shirts off of the beach near the North Douglas Boat Launch on Sunday. About 40 shirts were dyed, dried, ironed, then soaked in salt water before they will be dried and ironed again. The saltwater rinse, along with the ironing, helps set the color dyes, according to Brown, who has been making tie-dyes since the 1980s. The shirts are for a Perseverance Theatre fundraisier.

Parents struggle to pay child care bills
Juneau parents say child care is expensive and hard to find. The state's public assistance program helps many parents with costs, but some who need help don't qualify.

New surgery center to compete with Bartlett Regional
A Juneau physician is building an ambulatory surgery center outside Bartlett Regional Hospital, with opening scheduled for early next year.

Photo: Pumpkin run
"Years ago, our deck hand Don Darnell, now retired, learned of the high cost of shipping pumpkins to remote Aleutian villages," said Mark Listberger, Tustumena's chief steward. "He put together a Halloween pumpkin giveaway program through donations from the crew and the Kodiak Safeway store. For six years running, the Tustumena loads up severalpallets of pumpkins in Kodiak, decorates an area of the ship and invites the children to come aboard for some trick or treating and to select pumpkins to take to their classrooms and homes. To the delight of everyone, some of the crew and passengers dress incostumes and rig some 'tricks' and lots of treats," explained Listberger. The yearly event became successful through contributions of the Tustumena's crew and the Kodiak Safeway store.

Photo: High wire act
Kevin Walker, a carpenter for Southeast Remodel, Inc., adjusts his safety line while installing insullation to the roof of the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church on Monday. The project is to be completed by next spring.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Around Town

Around Town

Robert Williams
Longtime Juneau resident Robert "Double O" or "Somebody" Williams died Sept. 13, 2008, at the Alaska Native Medical Center. He was 65.

My turn: U.S.-Russian relations: The Alaska experience
In the post-Glasnost period in Russia (after 1986), many Americans are asking the essential question: How do we build a bridge of peaceful communication with Russia and other former Soviet Republics without jeopardizing U.S. security and the world's economic and social stability?

My turn: City's marina lease process unfair
More than one year ago, we, at the Fisherman's Bend and Andrew's Marina, began talks with the Juneau Docks and Harbors Board about the renewal of the lease we held on ATS 1324. This is a parcel of submerged lands in Auke Bay, which does not adjoin the uplands, but does abut our other tidelands. We leased this from the state when we expanded our moorage facility in 1986.

Outside Editorial: Alaska's family feud
In the scheme of things - that is to say, in the larger context of a financial meltdown - the special counsel's report concluding that Sarah Palin engaged in an unethical abuse of power in trying to have her former brother-in-law fired as an Alaska state trooper is a relatively minor event. But the report nonetheless offers a revealing and relevant portrait of the governor. It shows her and her husband pursuing a personal vendetta against the trooper, Mike Wooten, despite repeated warnings that they were impermissibly intruding into internal - and already concluded - disciplinary issues. Likewise, Ms. Palin's decision to repudiate her earlier pledge to cooperate fully with the inquiry does not offer assurance about how she would conduct herself as vice president. The McCain-Palin campaign's response to the inquiry has been internally contradictory - simultaneously assailing the investigation as a partisan witch hunt and mischaracterizing as vindication the report's finding that Ms. Palin was within her rights as governor to remove the commissioner who had refused to act against her former brother-in-law.

Outside Editorial: Wall Street execs: See the titans run
The Wall Street executives who tried to explain themselves to Congress this week showed a galling lack of personal accountability and major chutzpah.

Voters: Undecided and unimportant
Last week's debate might have starred Barack Obama and John McCain, but it wasn't really about them. Rather, it was about an odd and extremely powerful creature in American electoral politics: the Undecided Voter. It was the Undecided Voter whom Gallup asked to submit the questions. It was the Undecided Voter who filled the audience. It was the Undecided Voter who turned the dials controlling CBS' squiggly reaction lines and recorded his (or her) responses for CBS' postelection survey.

Still undecided? Then just don't vote
Don't vote. People will try to guilt you into it, but stay strong and resist. I'm talking to all of you who don't feel strongly about either presidential candidate, not just those 80 undecided idiots seated at Tuesday's town hall-style debate. Those people just crave attention and are way too proud of skimming enough Google News headlines to formulate a question. Give each a hug and a Debate Attendee diploma and I bet they'll pick a candidate real fast.

Disaster planning seminar scheduled for Wednesday
JUNEAU - The Juneau Federal Executive Association is sponsoring a Family Disaster Preparedness Seminar from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Centennial Hall.

Palin's rural adviser quits amid criticism
JUNEAU - Gov. Sarah Palin's rural adviser is resigning amid criticism of the governor's record on hiring Alaska Natives.

Police search for motive in killings
GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Police Monday remained baffled as to why a man who grew up in Alaska and was staying with a relative in suburban Denver apparently drove 240 miles to kill a dentist and the wife of a former Mesa State College president.

Juneau man charged with vehicle theft
JUNEAU - A 21-year-old Juneau man was arrested after police said they found him passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle that had been reported stolen early Sunday morning.

Fairbanks Marine dies in Afghanistan
FAIRBANKS - A 20-year-old U.S. Marine from Fairbanks has died in Afghanistan.

Sitka schedules Alaska Day activities
SITKA - The Greater Sitka Chamber of Commerce invites Southeast Alaska residents to Sitka this weekend for Alaska Day festivities.

Crews to clear brush
ANCHORAGE - Volunteer crews are clearing brush along a stretch of the Seward Highway in South Anchorage to cut down on collisions between moose and vehicles.

Sports in Juneau

Feds focus on Stevens' wife in trial
WASHINGTON - Catherine Stevens has become the linchpin in the corruption trial of her husband, Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens - to both the prosecutors and his defense team.

State sees mixed returns for salmon harvest
"It was a mixed bag across the state," said Mike Plotnick, in the commercial fisheries division of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, noting that while king runs were disappointing, the sockeye, silver and chum runs came in strong.

Monegan says Palin image is damaged
WASHINGTON - Former Alaska Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan said Monday he feels "relieved" by a legislative report concluding that Gov. Sarah Palin abused her authority by trying to have her former brother-in-law fired as a state trooper.

Ethics probe hits hardest at Todd, not Sarah Palin
ANCHORAGE - A month after she became governor, Sarah Palin's staff ushered Alaska's public safety commissioner into her private office.

Group calls for changes in Alaska Guard
Washington, D.C.-based Veterans For America released the report after a weeklong trip to Alaska.

Johnston speaks on Bristol Palin, Obama and baby
WASILLA - Levi Johnston, who's having a baby with Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter, can't believe all the things he's hearing.

Native winter burials to continue in Fairbanks
An official with the Fairbanks Native Association recently voiced concerns that winter burials would no longer be possible without access to Birch Hill Cemetery.

Man pleads guilty in 4-year-old prison death
KENAI - A 36-year-old man accused of strangling his prison cellmate to death has pleaded guilty in a deal with prosecutors.

Newspapers miss debt obligations
NEW YORK - Newspaper companies have been skipping loan payments, missing financial targets in debt agreements and accepting higher interest rates in exchange for more flexibility - and they're not even directly feeling the impact of the credit crisis yet.

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