Juneau should fight high cost of housing

Posted: Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Salaries are relatively the same all over the state. The price of heating oil remains high statewide, as does the price of gas and other necessities, and housing and rentals in Juneau far exceed the cost of similar housing anywhere else in the state. Juneau's cost of living is far beyond what the average family can afford. Why is this?

People of Juneau need to step up to the plate and say we will not tolerate the high cost of housing any more. Property owners who rent or sell houses or apartments need to stop gouging their neighbors for huge profits, and get in line with the rest of the state by offering a fair price for housing.

Another need is for more landlords to allow pets. Pets are like family to some people. Most people are responsible pet owners and will not allow their pets destroy the property of others. By saying no to pets, landlords are discriminating against a major portion of the people in Juneau.

Bill Burk


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