McAdams can win without a court case

Posted: Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Alaska race for the U.S. Senate has garnered much attention. The two major parties each have a candidate on the ballot: Scott McAdams, the Democratic candidate, and Joe Miller, the Republican candidate. Lisa Murkowski, the incumbent, is waging a write-in campaign. This letter is addressed to those voters who are wavering between voting for McAdams or writing in Murkowski's name.

First of all, McAdams is the only candidate who can defeat Miller on election day. If there are more write-in votes than votes for either of the other two candidates, vote counting will go into overtime for days, weeks, or months, possibly ending in a court challenge. Why? Because each of those write-in votes will be examined one by one. Alaska will be turned into a vote-counting and ballot-challenging circus, inundated by election "experts" from all over the country. If you are planning to write in Murkowski's name, you may be confident in your ability to remember her name, write it in for the correct race, spell it correctly and darken the bubble. However, there will be many other people who will intend to vote for her but forget when they get into the booth, write her in for the wrong race, write illegibly, misspell her name, or forget to darken the bubble. Some of those write-in votes may even be for Joe Blow or Donald Duck. When it comes down to the final results, we can be sure that many of those write-in votes will be challenged and will not be counted for Murkowski.

There are only two candidates for whom voter intent will not and can not be challenged. Take your pick. It will either be Miller or McAdams. Any other outcome could result in months of delay with Alaska having a vacant seat in the U.S. Senate.

There will be no mistake about my intent. I'm voting for McAdams.

Judy Crondahl


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