Native corps. have no right to spend money on candidates

Posted: Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am outraged that my native corporation Sealaska has contributed our money to Lisa Murkowski's campaign bucket. They have no right to speak for us, nor do they have any right to spend our money on political campaigns without our permission. They had no right to publicly endorse a candidate on behalf of all of us. They have overstepped their authority to speak for us and it should be stopped.

To all Native shareholders, they just spent your money that you might have received in a dividend payment without your permission. For the record, I'm supporting Scott McAdams, the only true, honest candidate that will be elected the right way, not appointed by daddy and not supported by our ex-governor, the deserter. Neither of these candidates have our best interests at heart, they are only politically motivated. McAdams' campaign is the only true and honest choice we have, finally. I ask more Alaska Natives to stand up to their corporations and speak out against their spending of our corporation dollars and publicly speaking for all of us.

To reference a favorite movie of mine, "McAdams is the good, Murkowski is the bad and what's-his-name is the ugly."

Alaska, let's finally get out of national politics and vote in a candidate who has stepped up to the plate to serve all of Alaska as our next senator. Let's send McAdams to Washington.

Beverly Oehler


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