Two Southeast trails could be restored with grant money

Posted: Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alaska State Parks, in conjunction with Trail Mix, is seeking grants for two ongoing Southeast Alaska trail restorations.

Courtesy Of Alaska State Parks
Courtesy Of Alaska State Parks

Joel Telford, Southeast Area chief ranger for the parks, said the grants will build on this past summer's repair work done on Point Bridget Trail in Juneau and Oliver Inlet on Admiralty Island.

The prospective grants are $50,000 for each trail. They are part of the Recreational Trails Grant Program.

The Oliver Inlet trail repairs will include repairs to broken planks and rotten ties along the entire length of the tram. It will also involve the reconstruction of three trestles to replace rotten beams and foundations, alignment and enforcement of the rails, and installation of recycled seine net on wooden planks to improve traction.

"We put in $10,000 this year to keep it useful but it still needs a major rebuild," said Telford.

Proposed improvements at Point Bridget include repairing the existing turnpike and puncheon trail plus replacing the 40 foot pedestrian bridge and trail to the Cowee Meadow Cabin.

Telford said repairs were done over the summer on the tram from Oliver's Inlet to Seymour Canal, as well as the trail from the Cowee Meadow Cabin to the beach at Point Bridget State Park. He said now additional funding is needed for the continued work.

Telford said these trails not only have unique histories, but are widely used by Juneau residents. He said the tram at Oliver Inlet is the primary access way to the Seymour Canal Cabin and 14 other public use cabins on Admiralty Island. He said it's also used by hunters and has quite a bit of history behind it.

"It's one of those trails that's unique to Southeast," he said.

He said the Point Bridget Trail is the main access way from Glacier Highway to three public use cabins: Cowee Meadow Cabin, Blue Mussell Cabin and Camping Cove Cabin.

"Both trails are really well used by whole Juneau community," he said.

Telford said the grant application deadline is Nov. 15 and the grants will probably be awarded in the spring.

State Parks encourages those with comments or concerns about the trails or grant applications to contact Southeast Area superintendent Mike Eberhardt at 465-2481.

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