Parents should ensure health of kids' teeth
This letter is in response to the editorial by Dr. Kim C. Smith, "Fluoride vote a disappointment," on Oct. 9. Smith stated that "Next time you see a young child with rotten teeth, just think how much harder it will be for him or her to be successful in society because of the poor first impression that smile will make."

Fair pay only part of the problem
I am a state employee and have written in regards to issues involving our pay. While pay is probably the most crucial part of the loggerheads we are at, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Voting for anti-Alaska Dems makes no sense
The recent Juneau election results on bond issues, state employees dissatisfaction with wages and benefits really have me confused.

Police & Fire
Juneau Police, fire officials and state troopers reported

Photo: Picturesque day
Brittney Cochran, left, and Michelle Johnson review their pictures Sunday near the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center.

SEACC asks court not to rehear Kensington case
Environmental groups that sued the U.S. government over the Kensington gold mine asked the court Friday not to rehear the case.

Judge: District won't pay damages in Bong Hits case
The Juneau School District announced late Friday what officials described as the end of the "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" lawsuit, saying that U.S. District Court Judge John Sedwick ruled in favor of former Juneau-Douglas High School Principal Deborah Morse and the School District over a request for damages.

Photo: Estonian journalists visit Juneau
Peter Metcalfe, center, leads a three-man television crew from Tallinn, Estonia, on a walking tour of downtown Juneau on Friday.

Photo: A break in the weather
Mary Capobianco, left, and Ann Turner Olson take advantage of Sunday's sunny weather to go for a power walk up the Eaglecrest road. A snow-covered Mount Stroller White is in the background.

Photo: Race Around the Breaker
Sam Skaggs, foreground, chases Matt Kirchhoff, center, and Adrian Slater on Saturday during the Juneau Rowing Club's Race Around the Breaker at Aurora Harbor.

Around Town

Around Town

Bartlett remodel nears completion
In job-site lingo, it's referred to as "the bid-two remodel phase-one." Next spring, when the freshly remodeled 36,000 square-feet of hospital space reopens, it will be a respiratory therapy room, a gift shop, and physical therapy and surgical recovery rooms.

Police & Fire
Juneau Police, fire officials and state troopers reported

In Thursday's Business Digest, a brief discussed DOWL Engineers' acquisition of Toner-Nordling & Associates.

Woman wills shares to charity
Lillian Roberts doesn't have much. But what she has, she's sharing. Two years ago, the nonprofit Catholic charity St. Vincent de Paul helped the 48-year-old, terminally ill, formerly homeless, three-quarter Tlingit move into a low-income apartment...



Alice Vavalis
Longtime Juneau resident Alice Jackson Vavalis died Oct. 12, 2007, in Juneau. She was 91.

My turn: PPT creates more money, helps indie producers
The state says one-quarter of our projected oil production will come from projects requiring significant new investment in just two more years.

Outside editorial: Few candidates tiptoe on the Third Rail
When it comes to the presidential race, the problem of runaway entitlement spending is something like the weather: All the candidates complain about it, but few want to get specific about what they would do to change it.

My Turn: Winter driving near Sunny Point construction
In the Juneau Empire on Oct. 5, Steve Wolf prepared an article titled "Coming Highway Disaster" detailing concerns about winter driving on Egan Drive near the Sunny Point construction zone.

Toe Toon
Cartoon by local artist Toe

Empire editorial: Oil tax must be measured against global competitors
Gov. Sarah Palin deserves credit for facing what some lawmakers still refuse to admit: Alaska's oil tax system needs revisiting.

Political correctness - or is it the truth?
It is unfortunate that "The Edge of Darkness" is a little-remembered film. In one riveting scene, the schoolteacher of a Norwegian fishing village confronts the Nazi officer in charge of the occupation forces.

My turn: A response to Kreitzer's data on state employees
I have to take issue with several points in Alaska Commission of Administration Annette Kreitzer's editorial of Oct. 10. She stated, "The average stay of an employee with the state right now is about 10 years, and the average age of that employee is about 45.


Backpack transmitters and GPS implants
Researchers have equipped 20 black oystercatchers with small backpack VHF radios, and another 14 with surgically implanted transmitters that broadcast the birds' movements as they migrate.

Spying on nests
On a night-time beach, a wolverine discovers a black oystercatcher's nest, a simple bowl scraped into the gravel. Glowing with a ghostly luminescence, the wolverine breaks open and eats all three eggs, leaving the empty shells.

Legislator: Ban toxic flame-retardant compound
All of us are only too painfully aware that the chemicals that make our life easier are the same that often poison us.

Couple to walk and paddle from Seattle to Aleutians
Erin McKittrick and Bretwood "Hig" Higman arrived in Juneau last week on day 124 of their 4,000-mile, human-powered trek.

Juneau hosts an array of winter birds On the Trails
Along with the seemingly endless fall rains come some winter visitors that are welcomed by birdwatchers and trail-walkers. A common one is the slate-colored junco.

All-Railbelt Conference football teams
Prep Football

Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Chan wins first-ever girls' singles state championship
Juneau-Douglas High School's Ling Chan won the first-ever girls' singles state championship on Saturday in Anchorage.

Fagerstrom upholds JDHS family tradition
Alex Fagerstrom fulfilled a dream in more ways than one Saturday when the Juneau-Douglas football team beat South in the large-schools state semifinals.

Vengeance is the Bears'
Faifo Levale answered his phone before Saturday's large-school semifinal game against South Anchorage High School and heard an oh-so-familiar voice on the other end.

Legislative ethics police under fire
The Alaska Legislature's ethics police, operating in secrecy when they operate at all, appear to have been ineffective while corruption infiltrated the Alaska Legislature in recent years.

Peace groups display boots to show cost of war
Peace groups brought a solemn display to Anchorage: an exhibit of 109 pairs of black boots representing the 109 American servicemen and women with connections to Alaska who have died in Iraq.

Drilling shows rich deposits at Pebble Mine
Exploratory drilling this year at Pebble Mine near the world's most productive wild sockeye salmon fishery supports earlier findings: it's extraordinarily rich with high-quality copper and gold.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

Judge finds FBI agents lawfully searched Vic Kohring's office
A magistrate judge rejected a request to throw out evidence obtained in a search of former state Rep. Vic Kohring's legislative office, finding that the search by FBI agents was lawful.

Clam Gulch man looks for burglar, finds a bear
A Clam Gulch man awakened by a bump in the night went to investigate and found an intruder, but it wasn't a burglar.

Sentencing for Papa Pilgrim delayed
A judge granted a delay in the sentencing of the man known as Papa Pilgrim, who faces a 14-year sentence after pleading no contest to charges of rape, kidnapping and incest.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

Alaska Digest
Flags to be lowered to honor Native leader; Two charged in vehicle fires set by fireworks; Alaska counterfeitersentenced in Chicago; Alaska Airlines now flying to Hawaii

Friends, former colleagues, write letters of support for Anderson
Letters of support have been filed by friends and former colleagues of former state Rep. Tom Anderson on the eve of his sentencing on federal corruption charges.

Northwest Digest
Boy on bicycle struck by police vehicle; Plan for lights viewing station irks neighbors; Bering Sea crab fishery less deadly; Idaho grizzly death raises questions

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