Voting for anti-Alaska Dems makes no sense

Posted: Monday, October 15, 2007

The recent Juneau election results on bond issues, state employees dissatisfaction with wages and benefits really have me confused.

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Recent high property value assessments and the willingness of voters to support an expensive high school swimming pool send a message that our property taxes are not high enough. Forget stagnant wages, a housing glut, little affordable housing. To top it off, our oil pipeline only has 30 percent oil capacity left, yet more than 80 percent of our economy is based on oil. Then we have teachers complaining about oversized classrooms, salaries, etc., but the largest teachers' union endorses Hillary Clinton - no friend of Alaskans when it comes to economic development of our natural resources.

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that without more oil drilling and timber jobs, (both of which pay high wages) one is foolish to believe the economic needs of various interest groups in Alaska can be met. I wonder what Alaska would be like today without the oil industry. We would probably only have half the population we have today, no Alaska Permanent Fund checks, no millions of dollars from this source into the state and local economy. Maybe someone smarter than I am can explain what industries can replace oil, which currently makes up 80 percent of our state's income.

Voting for anti-Alaska Democrats like Clinton, Obama and Edwards makes no sense to me. Obviously, labor unions in Alaska that always endorse Democrats would not have their high-paying union-level oil industry wages if Democrats were in White House. We wouldn't have an oil industry if Democrats were in the White House.

Ralph Swap


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