AK National Guard should abort snow machine mission

Posted: Thursday, October 15, 2009

I read in the Oct. 14 Juneau Empire that the Army National Guard intends to spend $250,000 to sponsor a snow machine race.

In the vast hierarchy of bad decisions regarding the use of our appallingly bloated military budget, this ranks near the top. It's an insult to the taxpayers, to be sure but, even more outrageously, it's an insult to the members of the National Guard, those Alaskan service members whose dedication and sacrifice should not be squandered on games. And even while the Guard's leaders fritter away the public's money on sponsoring this type of nonsense, they have yet to take any steps to address the problems outlined in last year's study conducted by Veterans for America (which, among other things, was very critical of the post-deployment services provided to National Guard members).

I think it's time to ask the Alaska National Guard's "Commander in Chief" (Gov. Parnell) to intervene and quash this plan.

Phil Smith


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