Chile mine rescue recalls loss of one of Juneau's own

Posted: Friday, October 15, 2010

Many hearts are filled with joy as the miners are being rescued in Chile. My heart goes back to a Juneau summer day when Juneau lost its' own miner - Chris Haas. Somehow I know, Chris' heart joins with those jubilant at the safe return above ground of these other brave men.

Chris loved mining and his mining brothers and sisters more than anything. As one Chilean miner emerged, he said "He had spent the last 10 weeks between God and the devil. They fought, God won," he added.

Although Chris did not emerge physically from his rocky grave, he was most happy underground. He was devoted to the development of mining in the Juneau area and gave his life to that pursuit. I am proud to have been a part of that effort when I loved this dear man. Congratulations to all of us who support mining in the Juneau area and God bless the families of these other miners.

Susan Browne


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