Producing and Planting Bare Root Trees workshop

Posted: Friday, October 15, 2010

PALMER - The Alaska Department of Natural Resources Community Forestry Program has announced a workshop on Thursday, Oct. 21 aimed at producing and planting bare root trees.

This workshop will explore how to produce, store and plant bare root trees. A classroom presentation will be followed by a root-washing and tree-planting demonstration. The workshop is intended for nursery growers, landscape designers, arborists, contractors, garden retailers, public and private land managers and government agencies.

Bare root trees establish quickly because they retain a greater percentage of their root system compared to balled and burlap trees, which can lose up to 90 percent of their roots when dug from a nursery. Another benefit of bare root trees is a reduced risk of spreading unwanted weeds and seeds because no soil or growing medium is transferred from the nursery to the planting site. Since the root system is visible, the correct planting depth is easy to determine, which results in translating trees that will be healthy and likely live longer.

The workshop will be held at the Alaska Division of Agriculture, Plant Materials Center, 5310 S. Bodenburg Spur in Palmer. Registration is due by today, Oct. 15. More information about the workshop and a registration form can be found online at: or by calling 907-269-8465.

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