Words of hate


Posted: Monday, October 16, 2000

I was very disturbed and utterly appalled to find the following anonymous comment that the Empire printed in Friday's Word of Mouth:

"The Israelis ought to crush the Palestinians and get this Middle East controversy over with."

What was even more disturbing, and sadly ironic, was that on the very same page the Empire reprinted a Washington Post editorial titled "Mideast on the edge" regarding complexity of the recent riots and violence in the area, wherein it was written:

"...the simple fact is that two peoples live on the same small piece of land, and neither is going away. That means that in the long run, they must figure out a means of coexisting."

I would urge the Empire to re-visit and tighten its editorial standards for Word of Mouth so that the hateful comments such as that printed on Oct. 13 not make print. It is irresponsible for the Empire to reprint such attitudes unless the Empire endorses such sentiments.

J. Andrew Grant


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