Super Kmart brings 200-plus new jobs to Juneau

Posted: Tuesday, October 16, 2001

The Juneau Super Kmart, formerly Big Kmart, has hired more than 200 new employees to staff its expanded superstore, the store's director said this week.

Store Director Glen Broaddus said the business is currently staffed with 350 full- and part-time employees with the prospect of increasing that total by at least 50 additional people through the holiday season.

"We are still hiring and we'll always be hiring," said Jeanne Powell, regional human resources trainer. "We contacted several job centers, the college, the high school, Coast Guard (spouses), put an ad on the Internet, put an ad in the paper and simply put it out by word of mouth."

Powell said each employee receives continuous on-the-job training. Depending on an employee's position in the company, he or she may also get some specialized computer training, Powell said.

Powell said she gave each applicant a pre-employment screening to determine what department would suit them best.

"We look for honesty, integrity and common sense," she said. "So far we've put a lot of people to work and many who have had to be on public assistance."

The company would not release the average wage of new employees.

Powell said the addition of the new jobs to Juneau should stimulate the economy as well as bring more people to Juneau.

"As the community continues to grow it will bring more people and more job opportunities," she said. "And it will probably mean that there won't be as many people leaving during the winter season because there will be work for them."

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