Breeze In backer

Posted: Tuesday, October 16, 2001

As a resident of Douglas for over 20 years and a daily commuter across the bridge, I whole-heartedly support the Breeze In's desire to expand. I applaud and endorse the expansion of the Douglas Breeze In. If it is anything like the Valley Breeze In, it will be an asset to our town. There has been a business at the Douglas location before most of us were here. The local owners have improved that site greatly over the years. And, as mentioned, if the improvements are anything like the Valley Breeze In, it will be a first-class project. The owners of the Breeze In have patiently been waiting for years for this action to take place. Maybe DOT will be involved again and a better project will be completed. I patronize and appreciate the Breeze In. Their access is no more or less busy than any others around town. The parking lot is large, rarely a third full, with two accesses to the Douglas Highway. Also, I hope it is not the intention of this action that owners of convenience stores would be forced to put gas pumps on their location in order to expand. That really is ludicrous. Please support our local business. Thank you.

T. Kelly Corrigan


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