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Posted: Tuesday, October 16, 2001

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I know there are angels among us right here in Juneau on Delta Drive. While apartment-hunting Sunday I managed to high-center my vehicle over a deep ditch ridge in an unfamiliar parking strip. A very nice young couple gave me generous use of their phone, but I was unable to find the help I needed, short of a tow-truck. I knocked on many doors looking for a good Samaritan with the necessary rescue components. Thank you Linda for finding me a rope. And my most heartfelt gratitude to Smiley for doing what needed to be done. Your ingenuity was perfect. My heartfelt thanks to each one of you.

Sharon Martin

I really appreciate the opportunity to read the editorials by Leonard Pitts Jr. In our Sunday papers. Thanks.

Paula Recchia

On the history of the Glory Hole, as far as I am concerned they left out two of the most important people. Sister Margaret from the Catholic Diocese took most of the meals down there and was there almost 24 hours a day when it first started. And also Sheila Means. Neither one of those people were mentioned, and to me they were two of the most important people that did start it.

Velma Dawson

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