A new concept?

Posted: Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I attend Haines High as a senior and I am friends with one of the girls and her family (Teens accused of plotting school murder, Empire, Oct. 14).

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Teens accused of plotting school murders

I believe that this whole incident has been blown completely out of portion. I realize that this is happening due to recent incidents. I feel the same way about some classmates at my school, and I understand how the girls acted. Even though I understand the action the police took, being charged as an adult is outrageous. I believe a better way out would be to perhaps take the girls to counseling, rather than prison. I believe that adults need to gain a better understanding of the way teenagers think and why.

I don't believe that this was going to turn into another school shooting, but rather a way of venting anger at others. It happens. This is high school. Doesn't anyone else remember what it was like to be on the outside, or is this a new concept?

Stephannie Viche


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