Expensive lesson

Posted: Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Recently another student (DZ middle school) took my son's glasses from his backpack, broke the case, and literally ruined a good pair of reading glasses. He found the glasses the next day when checking the lost and found box.

The glasses were on the floor in between the lost and found box and the wall. The frames were bent and one lens was broken. These glasses were worth $270. It is possible my son made another student angry, and this is why they ruined the glasses. It does not seem possible to have been a "joke" because it would be a sick joke. The school is unable to do anything because there is no way to know who took the glasses (unless someone comes forward to say who did this!). I am sure most parents have taught their children to have respect for something that belongs to another. Parents, perhaps you should go over again with your child/children the lesson on respect. Do you have money to replace something that is needed and expensive?

Mary White


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