Remembering Pasquier's first trip to Juneau

Posted: Thursday, October 16, 2003

When I was a child I lived in France for four years. I loved the country, the language, the smells of the fields I played in ... everything! I then had to move to Germany for two years, then to Alaska. This was my first experience living in America.

My family has always been involved in the arts. My father and his sister and brother supported their mother by being child actors on the road because their father abandoned the family. When my father lived in Juneau he worked with the board (he may have been president) of the Alaska Music Trails. In 1960 or '61 or so they brought a young violin prodigy to perform in Juneau. My sister and I took him around Juneau, showing him Auke Lake and the glacier, etc. We were thrilled. He was a handsome fellow who couldn't speak much English at all. We felt very honored to be his tour guides in this foreign land. It was a connection to my childhood in France, and it was good to be speaking the language again. He was the young Régis Pasquier.

Imagine my surprise to see his face again so many years later in the Melvin Kaplan artist registry of concert artists to book! This concert honors all the people who generously contributed to the arts in Juneau in those early days: my father, William H. Davis, my mother Ethel C. Davis, Carol Eastaugh, Connie Boochever, and Carol Beery Davis ... are some of the names .. all of whom have since passed on. Now it seems that this business of art - sharing it, cultivating it and appreciating it has come full circle. What sustained me as a child, what my parents encouraged and practiced, I also do now. It is a torch we carry and pass on. So it is with a great deal of nostalgia, a desire to honor those who came before us, and with a true love of the performing and visual arts that this concert by the Paris Piano Trio is presented.

- Sybil Davis, director Juneau Arts and Humanities Council

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