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Posted: Wednesday, October 17, 2001

...for your dedication

Thanks to all the people who helped to make the recent "Community Forum of Homelessness" a success and thanks to the Juneau Empire for its coverage of the meeting. It has brought greater public awarenss to the plight of homeless teens, many mentally ill and the alcohol/drug dependant. As a result we have a growing list of volunteers for action groups, many of whom are interested in working to help homeless/throwaway teens. Our list is 26 strong at the moment and among the volunteers are State Rep. Beth Kertulla and Cathy Munoz of the City Asssembly.

The Glory Hole staff also wishes to thank UAS Chancellor, John Peugh, coordinator, Lynn Johnson, United Way's Marsha Riley and UAS students for their work in bringing about the Day of Caring project at the Glory Hole on Saturday, Oct. 6. They did a "long deferred" clean -up job in our back yard area that helps to keep the Glory Hole beautiful and worthy of the praise we regularly get from tourists.

Joan Decker


...for your love and support

The family of Donald James Sr., his wife Arne, children Donald Jr., Dorene, Delphine, Dale, and sisters Hattie, Thelma, Pauline, during their time of loss, would like to give the following thanks:

Special thanks to all the Church of God for the use of the church and all the speakers. Thanks for the donations, phone calls and prayers from Juneau Christian Center, the Church of God, the people of Juneau, Hoonah and Angoon.

Thanks to the people of Kake, all your encouraging words, and all who lent a helping hand. Again, thank you very much. Most of all, for your love. God bless.

The James Family

...for helping CHOICE

It does take a village to raise a child! Fortunately, that maxim can be realized in the wonderfully generous community we live in. The 90-plus students and the six adults in the CHOICE (Choosing Healthy Options in Cooperative Education) program at Juneau-Douglas High School would like to thank the "village" of Juneau for its strong support during the past school year.

Special thanks to our longtime partners: Kelli, Dawn, Danielle, Anita and Matt at the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence; Joe Parrish, Tyler, Jared, Chris, Heather and the right-on corps members in SAGA (Southeast Alaska Guidance Association); Craig Dahl and the great folks at Alaska Pacific Bank; the very patient Carol Wright and the open-hearted parishioners at Chapel by the Lake. You've been there for us for many years and the kids feel you're part of our program.

Thanks to Betsy Brenneman for driving kids to job shadows and to the patient and gracious job shadow hosts, including: Ron Marvin and the U.S. Forest Service; state Web master Andy Klein; Teresa Newcomb, Nancy Douglas, Jack Fontanella, Vivian Montoya and Kitty Eddy at Harborview School; the offices of Rep. Bill Hudson, Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer and Sen. Kim Elton; Gladi Kulp and Kay Shelton at the Alaska State Historical Library; the Janes and Mary Pat at the City Museum; Ken DeRoux at the Alaska State Museum; the Juneau Police Dept. and the Alaska State Troopers; the Gastineau Humane Society; Augie Martin at Tlingit and Haida; Deb Johnson at Alaska Legal Services; Rich Madsen at DIPAC; the folks at AWARE; Dan Schwab at CBJ Parks Maintenance; John Corso at CBJ Law; Pauline at the CBJ Eaglecrest office; Joe Graham at the CBJ Harbors office; Steve Turner at the airport; Al Hesse at FAA; the Southeast Alaska Veterinary Clinic; Judge Peter Froehlich; B.J. at Hair, Etc.; Diane Sly at the Infant Learning Program; Laurel at Bartlett Regional Hospital; Downtown Tesoro; Laura Furgione and the staff at the National Weather Service; Joe Nell at UAS Computing Services; Julie Johnson at National Bank of Alaska; Jim Mahan at KTOO-TV; Joann Graves at Cuts-on-Line; Tina Bergam at DOT.

Thanks also to Costco for contributing to our goal of a culture camp; to First Bank, NAPA and Shattuck and Grummett for contributing to our goal of a new bus stop; Renee and Gary at the Last Chance Mining Museum; to Leslie and Amy in the Mediation Center; to Janet Lown for her quilting addiction; to our counselor Kelly Hopson; to Tracy Martin; to veterans Bob Armstrong, Jim Ruotsala, Patrick Farrell and Paul Hill who talked about their experiences; to the adults who Bookwalked with student readers; to the volunteers who slept on the floor and helped facilitate our retreats; and to the many other wonderful individuals and places who welcomed our students and gave them a chance. We salute all of you for making a difference in a young person's life! Thanks a million -- it matters!

The CHOICE Program/JDHS/2000-2001

Laury Scandling

Mark Roschy

Barbara Bonner

Lisa Eagan

Julie Oster

Kathy MacCasland

...for your efforts

United Way of Southeast Alaska expresses our deep appreciation to approximately 60 University of Alaska students and faculty members for their hard work and energy on the recent Day of Caring. They performed a myriad of volunteer building maintenance and repair tasks on Saturday, Oct. 6, for the following United Way affiliated agencies:

Zach Gordon Youth Center


Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Glory Hole

Girl Scouts

Boy Scouts

Work was also done for non-affiliates Gastineau Rotary Club and the Boys and Girls Club.

Volunteers spent approximately five hours each. A volunteer hour is valued at $15.39, which equates to more than $4,600 of labor donated. UAS has shown its leadership in guiding students beyond academics in this wonderful example of community spirit and the power of working together collectively.

United Way of Southeast Alaska

...for all the help

The Mendenhall River Community School PTO hosted a spaghetti dinner and bake sale fundraiser in conjunction with our school's open house on Tuesday, Sept. 25. Over 200 students and their families came to have dinner and enjoy each other's company.

As the old saying goes, "many hands make light work." This adage rang true on Tuesday, as dozens from our MRCS and Juneau community pitched in to help make this effort such a success. The proceeds from this event will go towards funding a music and movement enrichment program in the primary grades.

We would like to thank the following people for donating their time and energy to this event: Karen and Chuck MacDonald, Lisa Currier, Deedie Sorensen, Marilyn Moblo, Jane Canaday, Janet Henderson, Kelley Harvey, Marcia Ballard, Geoffrey Wyatt, Jane Mulready, the custodial staff at MRCS, Lisa Golisek, Diane Wilder, Dave and Nancy Barto, John Raster, Jack and Olivia Raster, Alex and Kerry Barto, Amberly Lail, Cara Langel, Michelle Locks, Terese Jones, Carey Akagi, Michelle Manning, Debbie Soto, Dawn Sherman, Anthony Wilwert, Karen Charlton, Joan Gianotti, Shawna O'Brain, Betsy Meacher, Travers Zyakanoff, Tina Callahan, Tanya Cavanaugh, Shannon Muzika, Pia Pesnell, Robyn Brobst, Renee Bear, Sam Westika, Terry Carter, Gene Orr, Lina Edwards, Linda Wilson, Dawn Houston, Heidi Stears, Kendra and Erica Northam, Beni LaLiberte and Mcdonalds, and to all the wonderful MRCS families who supported us by coming to dinner. Prego!

Sara Raster, MRCS PTO

...for the support

On Oct. 2, 2001, we lost our mom, Esther Wheaton. She was a wonderful mother, wife, grandma and great-grandma. We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to the following: David from Respiratory; Rob, Martha, Kim, Mouse, Betsy and Leon of CCU-MS; and other staff at Bartlett Regional Hospital. Thank you for being so wonderful and supportive during this difficult time.

We also thank Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Tribes and the council's Tribal Family and Youth Services staff for your assistance and support. It meant a lot to us.

In addition, the family thanks the following SEARHC staff: Dr. Jana Linfield, Dr. Mark Peterson, Dr. Lillian De la Cruz and especially Dr. Deb Lessmeier. Dr. Lessmeier, you were not only Mom's doctor, but you were also her friend.

We also express our gratitude and thanks to Pastor Green of the Valley Church of God, and to family and friends of the family. If we forgot anyone, please forgive us.

The John, David and Wheaton Family

...for your kindness

On Sept. 11 my cousin, Peter Hanson, his wife Sue and their 2-year old daughter Christine, were killed aboard the second aircraft to crash into the World Trade Center. The outpouring of sympathy from the people of Juneau has been overwhelming. Our family would like to thank all those friends and neighbors who have sent flowers or cards, or called or simply stopped by to express their feelings. I have forwarded the cards and relayed the expressions of sympathy to my Aunt Naki and Uncle Lee, Peter's mom and dad. In times like this I realize why I love living in Juneau - it's certainly not the weather.

Paul Helmar


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