Letter: JIVE tourney was enjoyable

Posted: Wednesday, October 17, 2001

After watching the Juneau Invitational Volleyball Extravaganza (JIVE) hosted this past weekend (Oct. 5-6) by the high school volleyball team, we felt compelled to write.

This was truly enjoyed by one and all. Taking part in this invitational tournament were several Southeast schools as well as Fairbanks and Kodiak.

We did not have a child playing, we just went to watch and learn about volleyball. The enthusiasm in the gym was electrifying. All the teams involved obviously enjoyed themselves, thoroughly loved the game and wanted the audience to enjoy themselves as well. The teams showed great school spirit and the overall desire to have a good time.

The JIVE tournament was played during the football quarterfinals in Juneau so not everyone was able to attend. We encourage everyone to attend the next home game (Editor's note: Oct. 24 vs. Ketchikan).

We would also like to give a special thank you to Dorothy Freeman-Wittig who performed the Star Spangled Banner magnificently. Tears were in everyone's eyes and we're sure we were not the only ones with goose bumps. The applause did not stop until after she had left the gym. We definitely will be seeing this young woman on MTV someday!

Colleen and Ed Lossett


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