Business Profile: Linda Deyette

Posted: Thursday, October 17, 2002

Title and Company: Assistant general manager, Glacier Restaurant

Biographical information: Deyette has lived in Juneau for 22 years and worked in the food service industry since 1974.

"I started off as a bartender in Washington," she said.

She's worked for the Glacier Restaurant for 15 years, and for the current owner, the Eurest Corp., for 10 years. She was a bartender at the Landing Strip, now Marlintini's Lounge, and worked her way up to be catering manager, she said.

Three years ago she was promoted to the position of assistant general manager.

Services: Deyette is responsible for organizing event catering for Glacier Restaurant at Juneau Airport. She does not manage the in-flight meals for Alaska Airlines or school catering, which are handled by other managers at the restaurant.

"Linda does all the fun catering - weddings, Christmas parties, retreats," said Roger Wark, food and beverage manager at the restaurant.

"I do the catering orders, make sure it all gets together, get people to work the events, and set it up," Deyette said.

When a customer calls for a catering event, she sends them menus from which the customer can choose what will be served.

"They can choose from our full menu, and if they don't see what they want, we have an excellent cook to get them what they want," she said.

She works with the customer to make the menu, then takes care of the food ordering and arranges the staff and other services.

Deyette works about 45 hours organizing an average of two catering events per week, and is at most functions to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Family: Husband, Russ, and three grown children no longer in Juneau.

Quotable: Deyette pitches in to help with everything involved in a catering event, including busing tables and washing dishes. "You do anything that you have to do to make things run smooth."

Contact information: Deyette can be found at Glacier Restaurant Lounge and Catering at Juneau Airport. The phone number is 790-3055.

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