Mine boat to the rescue

Posted: Thursday, October 17, 2002


Oct. 8, the F/V Avalon hit a rock and sank in the mouth of Hawk Inlet. The skipper got a mayday off and vessels from near and far came to the rescue as they always do in this area of sea travel. But one crew went above and beyond the usual call of duty and that was the workers at the Greens Creek Mine. Their small boat, run by Mr. Zenger and his crew, was one of the first on scene for the rescue of the four crew members. The mine's boat crew continued to support the recovery effort by picking up gear that was floating throughout the inlet, accessing the water for the need to boom off any potential serious fuel spill and in the end, days later, they pulled the Avalon to a safe harbor. I would like to thank Kennecott Mining for the use of their crew, equipment, and willingness to help a guy in need.

Kim Mahar

F/V Lea

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