A rare opportunity

Posted: Thursday, October 17, 2002

On Nov. 5 many of us have the privilege of being able to vote. I am writing to encourage all of you who are qualified to do that and for a gifted candidate. As an educator I have spent time each election year teaching children the importance of that voting privilege and why they too should vote some day. As for now the rest of us have to show them why it is important.

Many elections produce very average candidates and elected politicians. Because of this many of us end up disappointed with mediocre solutions to specific, complicated problems and apathetic about politics in general. This time around though you can vote Fran Ulmer for governor.

I have worked around many politicians in several states and have not met one who makes more intelligent and creative decisions than Fran does. She is unusual in that she remains in politics despite all the unwise and narrow-minded decisions made in that forum. Too many choices are based on friendships, loyalties and self interests. Fran's decisions are thoughtful and unselfish.

So, this time around you can vote for a bright, and thus, attractive candidate. But you do have to vote. If you just turned 18, get out there and do it. If you don't vote regularly, you should. If you always vote encourage others to vote on Nov. 5 or encourage them to use an absentee ballot. This time you have no excuses. You can make a smart choice for governor and then enjoy the intelligent decisions Fran will make for all of us. It's the opportunity of a lifetime.

Dave Haas


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